15 Useful Chrome Extension for Blogger

15+ Useful Chrome Extension for Blogger

If you are a blogger you will have to browse the internet a lot to do research or learn something new.

What tools do I use for HMH I have already shared in its full list, or in today’s post I am sharing with you 50+ Chrome extensions that are useful for a Blogger, or should use.

You know what extensions are, in simple words, our browser is meant to increase its functionality, which can be installed in our browser or add function… this is what we call WordPress. I have installed the plugin.

The ones you are sharing in Chrome extension are all useful or everyone has their own work .. so you don’t think that the one who is at the top of the list is the one who is not the one who is not .. Check it out .. or whatever extension you find useful you must install.

I can use all these extensions or I will suggest you, if you are a blogger then you can install all these extensions in your browser.

If you are bothered by the fact that if you install all these extensions then my computer will be slow so don’t take tension because extension is also available for the solution of this problem.

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Bookmark Manager

Blogger is able to visit a lot of websites, now there are some SEO searches, there are some blogs that we follow .. there are some tools ..

Every time we have a work website we bookmark it, so whenever we need it we can easily come to that website .. but if we bookmark normal then we often forget what the name of that website is. When did we bookmark it?

With the help of bookmark manager, we can set all our links according to category. The special thing is that without visiting the website we can even preview the website. link

If we add a link to our website or an article, from time to time it is our duty to check that there is no broken link. Asar padta hai or our user is also bothered.

If there are many links on the page, it may be a little difficult to open everything one by one or it may take a long time, but with the help of this extension we can check which link is correct or not. The link needs to be corrected.

On every page we run this extension, all the links get highlighted.

With the help of Broken Link Technique we can also create backlinks to other websites. link

Page Analytics (by Google)

If you have a website, you must use Google Analytics to track how many visitors are coming to your website or what they are looking for.

If not here’s a new product just for you! Here’s how to add it to the Google Analytics website.

In Google Analytics if we want to see any data then we have to open the website of Google Analytics, but with the help of this extension we can see the live or previous data on our website .. which we can see immediately. Which page or post is performing? link

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Google Translate

This extension is very important if you want to change the language to another language.

Google Translate is a website, extension or mobile app, with the help of which we can change any language. link

GoFullPage – Full Page Screen Capture

If you need to take a screenshot, you will find it, or we can easily take a screenshot of the screen with the help of a shortcut on our computer.

If you want to get a full page screenshot of a website then you can easily take this extension.

To take a screenshot you first need to have the website fully loaded, then you can take a full page screenshot by clicking on the extension icon. link

Grammarly for Chrome

English type karte to spelling mistake or grammar mistake is normal.

If we have Grammarly installed in our Browser, then after a while we will spend some time, then automatically redirect the wrong words or sentences, which we can correct by clicking on it.

If you are a Blogger, this extension should be in your browser .. How to use it, you can learn by reading our article. link

Redirect Path

You know what a link redirect is, which is when we click on a link but there is another link open in the browser. It is also called Link Clocking.

Link Clocking is commonly used to hide affiliate links.

It seems like there is a link that we have to find out where the redirect is open from, so it is a little difficult to find it in such a direct, but with the help of this extension we can see it very easily. link


Whenever we visit a great website or we like it, now it is its design, font or layout. WhatsRuns extension can help.

We have to run the extension after the page is fully loaded to find out what page we are using. link

HTTPS Everywhere

With online browsing we need to take care of our own security, or we need to confirm that the website we are opening is completely secure or our data will not be hacked in any way. .

The secure connection of any website requires that the website be loaded with SSL certificate (https: //). If any website is loaded in http: // then any hacker can steal our data. This website is not considered secure.

If you are opening a website which does not have https but you have to open it then with the help of this extension you can open unsecured website by making secure connection.

We have to install this extension in our browser, then automatically any website that we open will have automatic https enabled, we do not need to do anything. link


If you like Chrome extensions a lot then you need to have this extension installed in your browser .. because with this extension you can easily manage all your extensions or enable or disable the extension with a simple click.

Jess, if I have my say, about 100 extensions are installed, but it is clear that not all of these extensions are needed all the time .. so we can manage all this with the help of this extension.

We can create any group that has an extension, or create a separate profile. If you want to do keyword research, you can enable all related extensions, you can enable related extensions while using Youtube. who can set this.

This is one of my favorite extensions .. because if this extension does not exist then I could not even think of installing this extension with one .. because if 100 extensions are installed with one then the computer in the browser is very slow. link

The Great Suspender

We still do research on a topic. If you are a blogger then you know how many tabs can be opened in this search.

If I tell you, normally, 30-40 tabs are always open .. or sometimes it goes beyond 100+.

No matter how many tabs you open, there is no problem, but if the tab is open or we are not using it, then even if he uses the RAM of our computer, then we have a problem. because if full RAM is in our inn tabs. If you use it, the computer will be very slow.

With the help of this extension, we can solve this problem very easily. Simple is the name. Whenever a tab is open for a long time, but if we do not open it, the page goes offline. The RAM I am using goes to our child .. or the one we double open that page loads from that page.

Logs that use a lot of tabs, for logo this extension is no less than a miracle. link

15 Useful Chrome Extension for Blogger

Bitwarden – Free Password Manager

It is very important for us to have a strong password to secure the account on any of our websites online, or to have a strong password, we need to use a different password for each website.

We use Password Managers to solve this problem by using different passwords for each website. .

Password Manager is very popular in the market, you can use any of your choice like 1Password, LastPass, Bitwarden etc link


This is a useful extension on a chota, with the help of which we can hide any password or text on the website.

Jess is very hot we put password on some website, he war war tells wrong but we don’t know what mistake we are typing .. because the password we are doing is * show hota hai ..

With the help of this extension we can see the real text. link

Find & Replace for Text Editing

Sometimes it happens that we have to replace a word in every place in our post.

There is a post on my pass that has made a mistake, it is very painful to do a single search to fix it .. After this problem, I installed this extension which is my It was very easy. link


This extension is for you if you want to work from Focus or you don’t want to waste your time on any website by talking about your work.

With the help of StayFocus Extension, you can block any time wasting website .. which you can focus on and not get distracted ..

Normally it happens that we open FB for 2 minutes or spend hours on it or whatever is the purpose of our blogging, it stays the same .. so if you want to work from focus then you can use this extension Also install. link

Clockify Time Tracker

We are working on a project or we are working on a blog post .. whatever we are working on. Haya is just doing a time pass .. If we track her then by looking at this data we can understand where we are giving our extra time or where we have to save our time.

With the help of this browser extension we can easily track our time, or even have a mobile app or website so that our data can be synced all over the place. can track

Tracking lets us know how much time we are wasting or how much time we are using in the right place. If he is to succeed, he must use his time wisely. link

15 Useful Chrome Extension for Blogger

Ghostery – Privacy Ad Blocker

Whenever we open a website we track it from Google Analytics or other scripts, or most of the scripts are loaded in the background.

If you have a privacy policy or you do not want the address of the website you are running in your wallet then you can block all tracking with the help of this extension. He also gets fast.

As a blogger, I will not recommend you to use Ad Blocker. link

15 Useful Chrome Extension for Blogger