Top 7 Best Chrome Extensions for Blogging

You and all of us are well aware of the importance of time for any blogger or website owner. Blogger’s morning begins with the fact that on which topic content should be written today, which will benefit the readers as well as benefit us as well. But for people starting blogging, the doubts start when they have to waste time on other blogging related things other than writing.

In this article, it will be our endeavor to help the new blogger in such a way that his time is not wasted in things other than writing. Therefore, through this article, I will talk about some such extensions of Google’s Chrome browser, which will save your time and you will also get many other benefits from them.

Best Chrome Extensions for Blogging


The first extension that I have included in this article is WhatFont, the use of this extension is very important mainly for the blogger who is starting in blogging. Through this extension, you can check the fonts of the article written by your prospective blogger with just one click and make your website attractive by using those fonts on your website.

Awesome Screenshot: Screen Video Recorder

The second number comes from us, an extension called Awesome Screenshot: Screen Video Recorder, which you can use to instantly take a screenshot of any website or blog page or take a screenshot of any such image and save it to your computer. Only through this extension, you can edit those screenshots and blur the sensitive information and then use these screenshots on your blog or website.


Our next extension is ColorZilla. If you visit any other blog or website and you like the colors used on it and you also want to use the same in your blog or website, then this extension will prove to be very helpful for you. Through this, you can know the color code used in any blog or website in just one click and then use that color code on your blog.


If you are a blogger or you are an affiliate marketer then you must have understood the importance of email and you will also be aware that many times you do not get the reply of the email for a long time, then you also start getting upset because of this. . Now we have a way to get rid of this problem for you and that is an extension called MailTrack which is available for free on Chrome’s extension store.

Using this extension you can check whether any mail has been read by the receiver or not? Or has this mail even reached the receiver or not? You get this type of information with just one click. It has many more features like reminder and daily tracking.

Top 7 Best Chrome Extensions for Blogging


This is a tool that is most commonly used by every type of blogger. This extension is just like that of your English teacher who corrects the mistakes made by you in your handwriting and also inspires you to write your handwriting correctly as well as well from Grammar’s point of view.

It is available absolutely free of cost in the Chrome Extension Store and you can use its basic features for free. You can also take its paid version for some advanced features.

You can do it Grammarly and gingerly.

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To get success in the field of blogging, the most important and most important thing is to keep track of each and every movement of your competitor, what methods they are using to get success and how you are behind them. WhatRuns is one such companion extension that will help you find out what kind of technology your competitors are using on your blog or website.

Not only this, it will also keep you informed about any changes made on your competitor’s website. Then isn’t this a wonderful extension! For your information, let us tell you that till now this extension has been downloaded more than 15 lakh times.

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Link Miner

The most important thing for a blogger is to keep your blog clean so that in any case Google does not reduce your ranking. You must also know how harmful a broken link can be for any website. If you use WordPress, then you can use a plugin to find broken links on your site. But if you use Blogger then you have to face some problems here because no such plugin can be installed on Blogger.

Link Miner is an extension that you can use to find broken links on any of your blog posts and improve them later. Our suggestion would be that instead of using the plugin on WordPress, you should use this extension so that the speed of your website is not reduced by the plugin.