How to do Blog Promotion to increase traffic 2022?

You all know that whenever any work is started, it seems very easy. But over time, only a few people are able to maintain that work and it is very important not only to maintain it but also to do it in the right way. In the same way, making a blog and writing articles in them is not everything. You should also know very well how to do blog promotion to make your blog famous and increase unlimited traffic.

Today’s article is very important and useful for those new bloggers who have just started their new blog. And they want to know how to do blog promotion to increase traffic on your blog?

You all know very well how easy it is for anyone to create a blog in today’s time. You do not need any kind of coding. You can easily create your blog in a few minutes by drag & drop.
But just creating a blog is not enough. When any person starts blogging, his aim is to reach thousands or even millions of articles written by him and he can read your articles.

But in order for your audience to read your article, you need to promote your blog properly. Blog promotion means sharing more and more of your content with people so that more and more traffic will increase on your blog.

Promotion makes your blog famous as quickly as possible and the popularity of your blog also increases. Due to this millions of people like to join your blog. As the traffic increases, the chances of earning money also increase.
But I said earlier that it is very important to do any work properly. Therefore, through this blog post today, I am going to tell you how to do blog promotion to increase traffic? Therefore, if you also want to know, then you must read this article completely so that you can get all the information correctly.

How to do Blog Promotion to increase Traffic

You have come to know how important blog promotion is for any new blog and blogger. Keeping this in mind, I am going to tell you some such ways by which you can bring maximum traffic to your blog as soon as possible.

Publish more articles on your blog

The best and most effective way for any new blogger to promote his blog is to publish more and more articles on his blog. It is often seen that people leave this job after a few months of starting blogging. When they do not get much traffic, today it does not benefit anything, then after working hard for some time in this work, they leave it.

But the main reason for not getting traffic to his blog and leaving his work is because he does not publish many articles on his blog. For a few days, they work very hard and then stop publishing articles by becoming bored.

The advantage of publishing more articles is that google recommends your blog. Due to which the audience comes to read your blog. So try that after starting a new blog, do that work with patience and publish more and more articles in it continuously. This method helps you to get good traffic.

Publishing Long Articles on Your Blog

It is often seen that the most reason for not getting traffic on most blogs is that there is no continuous publication of long articles on it. If being a blogger you want good traffic to come to your blog, then you should publish long articles on your blog.

People often read more articles that contain all the information. If you article is unique and seo optimize then you can also write a little short article. But mostly you should try that your articles must have about 1000 to 1500 words.

Its biggest advantage is that most of those articles are promoted by google in which the number of words is maximum. According to Google’s algorithm, all the information is available in long articles which is beneficial for the users. So always try to publish long content.

Writing Unique Articles

There was a time when people used to publish on their blog by copying the content of any other blogger and changing it a bit and they too used to get traffic but now it is not so. Now Google’s algorithm understands things more quickly than before.

You should always try to write a unique article to increase traffic. Because by writing a unique article, organic traffic comes to your post for a long time and your blog grows quickly. Write your blog post seo friendly as well as use copyright free images in it.

You can download copyright free images for your blog post for free by Before writing an article, do a good research about it. Read the articles of other bloggers so that you will understand how you have to write a different and unique article from them. That’s why always write a unique article.

To guest post

In today’s time, if you are thinking of increasing traffic on other blogs, then guest posting is a good option. Guest post means to publish your written post in a popular blogger’s blog.

With this, you also get a do-follow backlink from that blog, so that you get a lot of traffic from that blog to your blog as well.

But the most important thing you always have to keep in mind is that you have to choose that blog for guest post which has more domain authority and page authority. Because such blogs rank very quickly in Google. The advantage of this will be that the chances of your blog post being ranked also increase.

So first do research about good and popular blogs and then approach them for guest post. Guest post is a very good source of organic traffic.

How to do Blog Promotion to increase traffic

Commenting on Popular Blog

You can also bring traffic to your blog by commenting on any popular blog. Although you get no-follow backlink from there but it can also prove beneficial for you.

That’s why you must visit the popular blog from time to time and comment and you should also try to build a good relationship with that blogger so that you can promote your blog well with that blog and blogger in future.

Inviting another blogger for post publishing in your blog

If you want, you can invite another new blogger to publish the post in your blog for organic traffic. With this you can also take backlinks from each other. Due to which you and other bloggers will also benefit and traffic will also start increasing.

You have to invite those bloggers who are interested in blogging and who are expert in writing good content as well as who have good writing skills. When you invite for post publishing, you will also get a chance to connect with other bloggers and learn about them.

Writing SEO Friendly Blog Post

Writing Seo friendly blog post is very important for a blogger if he wants organic traffic to come to his blog. You need to write your blog post according to search engine optimization. So that you get organic traffic from google.

If you are a wordpress blogger then you must use yoast plugin because you can write your content by analyzing and optimizing it, then it should be seo friendly.

But even if you do blogging on, you do not have to worry. You can analyze your content through You must always use keywords in your posts and in the beginning you should only find low competition keywords. Later when more people will visit your blog, then you can also target high competition keywords.

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How to do Blog Promotion to increase traffic

Sharing Your Posts on Social Media

Social media is the best platform in today’s time if you want to promote your blog. Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and YouTube are the most popular platforms in today’s time because there is a lot of engagement here.

That’s why you must take the help of all these social media sites if you want to increase traffic. First of all, you have to create an account on all these sites, then you have to post regularly on it. Gradually, traffic will definitely come to your blog.