How to make easy money from Quora? how to make money in 2022

How to get money from Quora?

If you have ever come across a question, then you must have searched on the Internet, and in such a situation, you must have come across the quora website, which is a popular question-and-answer website.

You can also ask your questions on Quora and at the same time, if you know the answer to any question, then you can also answer it. So it means to say that you can increase your information there and if you have knowledge in any topic then you can also help people.

So in such a situation, now it comes to why we should do this, why should we help someone, if we ask any question, then we answer it, then the simple answer is money. Yes, you can also earn money by asking questions and answers on Quora. We will now know in detail about how to earn money from Quora.

There are many ways to earn money from Quora, just as there are ways to earn money on youtube, there are some ways like we earn money on the same platform, then there are some ways by which we can earn money by using that platform.

Before knowing how to earn money from quora in Hindi, let us also know a little about what is Quora so that it is easy to understand how it works.

What is Quora?

Quora is such a platform where anyone from all over the world can ask questions, and can also answer that question.
If I say in simple language, then quora is such a site in which everyone can answer the question.

If you do not know the answer to any question, then you can ask in quora and if you know the answer of any question by someone else in quora, then you can also answer that question in quora.

When someone asks a question in quora and in return, when you get an answer to that question, then you have a complete control over it.
Should not believe. Because quora does not confirm all the answers given in it.

In this, all the answers given by the people should be taken only under an opinion. that’s why any user
You can give your opinion on quora only under the answer.

If an answer is good on Quora, then other users upvote on that answer, so we can understand that the answer which has more upvotes, we can understand that this answer is correct.

So now you must have understood that what is Quora? So let us now know about the ways to earn money from Quora.

How to make easy money from Quora

Earn money from Quora Partner Program

If you have ever opened Quora, then you must have seen that advertisements also come on the website, due to which Quora website earns.

Quora has just started a new program regarding the ads of their site, in which the good users of their site, from whom the earning of Quora increases, they invite them to the Quora Partner Program, after which all the posts posted by that user Whatever earning is done from questions and answers, some part of it is given to that user.

There is no way to join Quora Partner Program Direct, if you want to join Quora Partner Program, then you have to be active on Quora and answer questions, after that if you get more views on your profile, then you will also have to join their Partner Program. Will invite you.

You can also earn a lot of money from this, but you also have to keep in mind that, if you try to adopt some shortcuts in any way, then they can also close your account forever.

You can easily take the earning from Quora Partner Program in your bank account every month.

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How to earn money from Quora Space?

Quora space is a new feature of Quora itself. It can also be called a type of personal blog. In this you can publish article on blog just like blogger.

Also you can invite people in it. It is like a group. If you get good views or upvotes in this, then you also get money from Quora.

In this, when earning is $ 10, then you can also transfer that earning to the bank account.
Earlier only people associated with quora partner program used to earn money from quora but now people can earn money from quora space too.

If you are not a member of Quora space or Quora partner program, then there is no way to direct join it, you use Quora website and wait until you are eligible for their partner program, then from Quora side You will get an invitation.

If you are not able to join Quora Space or Quora Partner Program, then it does not matter, with the help of Quora there are other ways by which you can earn money without joining these programs.

How to earn money from Quora without partner program? How to earn money from Quora?

Through Blog: If you have a blog, then you can earn money through blog by bringing traffic from Quora.
In this, you have to answer the questions on Quora and also the link of the blog so that people can access the blog from Quora.
And earning can be done from the blog.

Affiliate marketing: Just as adsense approval is not received on the blog, then people make money from affiliate marketing.
In the same way, you can earn by sharing your affiliate link on Quora too.

Paid review: By taking money from people and writing reviews of those people’s product or service, you can publish it in Quora.
And you can earn money from it.

Youtube: If you have a YouTube channel, then you can answer such questions on Quora, which you have answered in any YouTube video, then you can give the link of that video in the answer there, so that your YouTube views will increase, then your earning will be .