How to increase followers on Instagram 2022

How to increase followers on Instagram 2022

The most important way to get followers on instagram for free is to make it easy for people to find you. Your Instagram profile should be easily discoverable.

Hello friends, as you may know, Instagram is one of the best and most popular social media services, which is considered to be a very popular and great platform for photo sharing.

Guys, just like Facebook has millions of users in this time, there are millions of users of Instagram who are using Instagram.

Guys, Instagram is no longer just for entertainment like before. Now with this a lot of people who are also promoting their business and product etc. for free.

So if you also have your own business or product and you also want to promote it online through Instagram then this is the best option for you.

Guys first I would like to tell you one thing that you can promote any of your business or product only if you have a lot of followers in your account. This is not possible without followers.

So today in this post we will tell you how to increase followers on Instagram, using which you can easily increase followers on your Instagram account.

How To Increase Followers On Instagram – 2022

If we talk about how to increase Followers on our Instagram Account, you can increase it in two ways. One in a paid way and the other in a free way but here we are going to tell you about the free way. Because the followers that you have in the free way are your own increased Real Followers whereas the Fake Followers in the Pad way which is of no use.

Add Profile Image with Filters

The first thing that happens after creating an account in Instagram is your profile picture – so first you add your profile picture in your Instagram account.

That’s because whenever your account shows Instagram in the Follow suggest list of any of your friends, only your profile picture appears there.

This makes it easier for people to recognize you and people can easily follow you. Here are some tips for posting profile pictures on Instagram:

Add a nice picture of yourself to your profile. Your picture should look good.

You can use filters to make your picture beautiful. You can also use PicksArt or any other app if you get the option of filters in Instagram or not.

Your profile picture must be the right size. Size your profile so that it fits your profile perfectly.

Add a nice and professional biography

You may have noticed that whenever we open a man’s profile on Instagram, the first thing we see is his biography. So keep your biography complete. Here are some tips to complete your biography. Check it out:

You can write about yourself in your biography. Like what you are – Actor, Director, Singer, Student you can write whatever you are.

You can use stickers to make your biography even more attractive.

You can make your biography even more attractive by adding hashtags or #s in the main keywords used in your biography. For example, like you are a businessman and you can put #Businessman in your biography.

If you have a website or YouTube channel then you must add its link in your profile.

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Regular Post should be inserted

The best way to increase your followers on Instagram is to keep posting something regularly. This will not only get you followers but also likes, comments and shares. In addition to your personal photos, photos, videos, etc., you should also post in your Instagram posts that people like.

In addition to your personal posts, post Shayari, motivation quotes, jokes and memes etc.

Every day some festival or some day comes. so you can share posts related to good wishes message to people on those occasions.

This gives your post a lot of likes and shares and also increases your chances of followers.

Post on trending and viral topics

You must know that in the coming days on social media every day something or other must go viral. You can post on your account related to those viral topics, this gives your post a chance to reach as many people as possible and also increases your followers when people like it.

When you post on a viral topic, that topic is trending at that time and millions of people search on that topic in Instagram. This gives your post a chance to reach those millions and when your post goes viral like a topic, you get thousands of followers in an hour.

Remember whenever you are posting on a viral topic, post those viral words in those posts with hashtag i.e. #. Only then will your post go viral.

Use hashtag in post

Whenever you share a post on Instagram, you must use the hashtag related to that post.

Because when you use a hashtag in any of your posts, it makes your posts look attractive.

Not only that, it has the advantage that whenever a man searches for that hashtag in Instagram, it starts showing your posts in that man’s search. This will easily make them your followers.

You can use #hashtag related to any topic in your post.

To use hashtags in your post, type the keyword with your hashtag by pressing # from your keyboard. As soon as you type, you will get a list of many other hashtags besides these. You can add hashtag in

Follow only local people

Remember that on Instagram you have to follow the local person and not the big celebrities. Because whenever you follow big celebrities like Actor, Director, Singer, Politician, he does not follow you back because they are very big people.

But if you follow a local person then there is 100% chance that he will follow you back.

In the local person you can follow the person you know or your friends on Facebook who are connected to you.

The way to know a local person is that his profile is not verified, those whose account is verified are big people, there is no benefit in following them.

You can also follow some big celebrity according to your need with whom you want to join.

Link Instagram Account to Facebook Account

You must link your Instagram account to Facebook. This means that all the friends you have on Facebook know that you also run Instagram.

With this, all the friends who know you on Facebook will also follow you on Instagram and this will increase most of your followers.

When you link your Instagram account to Facebook, all your Facebook friends who use Instagram get notified that they are on your Instagram account and that friend can easily follow you on Instagram. Does.

When you link your Instagram account to Facebook, you log in to your Instagram account with your Facebook login details.

Add Link to Instagram Account in Facebook

You must know that Facebook is also a big social media platform like Instagram. Facebook also allows you to add many social media links to your profile. So you must add the link of Instagram profile in your Facebook account. This means that whenever someone opens your Facebook profile, that person will also see the link to your Instagram account and from where they will follow you.

You log in to your Facebook account and add the link to your Instagram account.

When you add the link of Instagram profile in your Facebook account then this follow option of yours starts showing in your Facebook profile and it increases you thousands of followers.

How to increase followers on Instagram

Comment on another’s post

This is also a great way to increase followers. Whenever you have time, you must comment on your friends’ posts. Remember whenever you make a comment your comment should be good which is valuable for people. Whenever you comment on a friend’s post, there are many people besides you present in the comment. If people like your comment, they immediately open your profile and follow you.

Remember, whenever you are commenting on a friend’s post, the comment must be related to that post. It’s not like the post is something else and some are commenting.

Be sure to compliment them in the comments as well as use hashtags and stickers in the comments.

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