Top 5 Free Keyword Research Tool for SEO

In today’s post, I will tell you about Top 5 Free Keyword Research Tools. Nowadays there are many paid tools in the internet, which are difficult for beginners to purchase. Before knowing about the Top 5 Keyword Research Tools, we know why it is important to do keyword research?

Why is it important to do keyword research?

Keyword research is very important in blogging. Keyword research comes in ON Page SEO, if your ON Page SEO is good, then your chances of ranking in Google increase. Good keyword research gives you the following benefits.

  • High CPC
  • Increase Organic Traffic
  • High Ranking
  • Increase DA of Website due to Ranking
  • Know Every Keyword Search Volume

Top 5 Free Keyword Research Tool for SEO in 2022


Uber Suggest is a free tool, this tool gives you the same service as a paid tool for free. This tool is from Neil Patel, who is a very big blogger and YouTuber. In this tool you can do keyword research for free. You get the information in detail of all the keywords.

Features of Uber Suggest

  • No limit to find words.
  • You can easily see the keywords difficulty.
  • Which keywords have high CPC they can see.
Top 5 Free Keyword Research Tool for SEO

Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner is a Google product, which is free. Google Keyword Planner is also a good tool for doing keyword research. This tool is 99% accurate due to being from Google. This tool is also a good and free tool.

Keyword Planner helps you research keywords for your Search campaigns. You can use this free tool to discover new keywords related to your business and see estimates of the searches they receive and the cost to target them.

Features of Google Keyword Planner

  • Very easy to use.
  • 99% accurate.
  • Its best thing is that it is a service of Google itself.

Google Auto Suggest

When you search for something in Google, then you see the auto suggest keywords below. You see this keyword for free, it is a service of Google itself. According to what all the people in the world search, Google suggests you keywords.

Features of Google Auto Suggest

  • Google also has a service.
  • Makes suggestions based on what keywords people search for.
Top 5 Free Keyword Research Tool for SEO

KW Finder

KW Finder Tool is also a great tool, you can easily do keyword research in it. The special thing about this tool is that it allows you to suggest keywords, and also tells its diff. This tool also tells the details of your compressor.

The reason why we’ve developed KWFinder was to create a keyword research tool in which you can find hundreds of keywords with low SEO difficulty.

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Features of KW Finder

  • Keyword Difficult also appears.
  • Auto suggest cards.
  • Competitor’s detail is visible.

Keyword Shitter

Keyword Sheeter is also a great tool. You do not have to enter just one keyword in this tool. As soon as you enter 1 keyword, many keywords come in front of you in suggestive. You can suck any good keyword out of them. This tool is also free.

It’s a profoundly productive watchword research apparatus and conveys results as you use your internet browser. As another apparatus, there might be a few crimps to work out. Information conveyed by the module can at times contrast from information provided by other Google search apparatuses. Notwithstanding, it’s a quick and simple method for getting content thoughts.

Features of Keyword Shitter

  • Many keywords are found in the suggestion.
  • Very easy to use.
  • Keyword ideas with their volume
  • Cost per click (CPC) for each search term
  • Pages that rank for the term you entered
  • Traffic to pages ranked 1 through 10 for that term

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