Blogging Tools – 9 Websites Save Time In Blogging

9 Websites Save Time In Blogging – Blogging Tools

Blogging is not a big deal. If seen in the true sense, if you have accurate information and a clear vision which you can also call a below then you can make a great career in blogging very soon. In this post, I am going to share with you the names of some tools or websites, through which I have brought my website to a good position, and have also got approval from Google AdSense.

The websites that we are going to talk about next are all free. Using these I have saved a huge chunk of my time, which are the most valuable.

Google Input – blogging tools

Google Input Tools makes it easy to type in the language you choose, anywhere on the web

Google Input Tools can help you type more easily in your desired language. We currently provide several kinds of text input tools: IME (Input Method Editors) maps your keystrokes to another language using a conversion engine. – blogging tools

canva is the only tool i found which has no free alternatives. If you are a beginner and struggle to create free images for your website, then in Canva you can create absolutely free and copyright free images in minutes. The average time I create an image with canva is 3 minutes. – blogging tools

With word counter, I count the words of the content written. Here I also get to see the density of keywords for free. There is no need to log in to this website.

Well, if your blog is on WordPress, then there will be no need for this tool, this option is given in the post editor of the queue. Otherwise, if you want to count words, then you can also do that by using the box below. – blogging tools

I use this notepad to share any written details with my community. Me and my team can both log in and edit it. This tool has saved me a lot of time.

Well, if you want to note something just for your memory, then you can also use HMH Note tool, in which you do not even need to create an account, and even if you close the website, then open with double After doing it, the written one will come back, it is also completely safe because it stays only in your browser, definitely try one attack.

Fontmeme.comblogging tool

To improve the images of my website, I have to organize the font used inside it well. For this, I needed a tool that would give me such Hindi fonts for free, which is in good design and which has no background.

From Font Meme, I paste the quotes or any other sentence that comes on my image there and copy its png format directly to Canva. This trick adds four moons to the image. – blogging tool

If you use WordPress or any other platform, then you also have to maintain website speed to maintain the rank of the website. For this it is important that you do not use too many plugins in your website, keep the size of the image low and keep the unwanted java files removed.

I always try that the image size of my post should be less than 50 kb. For this I use imagecompressor. Once the image is uploaded I can easily convert as many kb as I need.

Blogging Tools - 9 Websites Save Time In Blogging – blogging tool

You will not believe I applied for adsense for my website when my 150 posts were completed. Then I had an issue – it was the content. So within ten days, I updated the content of my 150 posts with the help of this tool and also decorated all the images with alt text.

I got Adsense approval within 20 hours. With the help of small seo tool, I check the uniqueness of my content, earlier its accuracy was not good but since the new update has come, it has started giving much better results than before.

keyword-surfer – blogging tool

keyword-surfer is a free chrome extension tool with the help of which you can check cpc and volume in google results. Although its accuracy is not so good, it can help you to catch the exact term of the keyword. What happens is that sometimes the sentence we catch is not a keyword at all. So this at least tells whether the sentence we are going to use is a keyword or not. – blogging tool

To make the website image unique, I once upload my image in this tool and check it. Tineye will help you to know the copyright status of your image. Although the image you used, be sure someone has used it before. So you first edit that image, then check it by uploading it in this tool.

Zero result means your image is unique. There is no need to panic even in ‘Matched Result’, just your image should be edited. Every image on my website is edited, some images show matched content, but do not match 100%.

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