What is keyword? why it is important for SEO, blog in 2022

Keywords are ideas and topics that define what your content is about. In terms of SEO.

Guys, if you are a beginner then you will have a lot of questions in your mind but there is no need to worry because in the beginning I used to have a lot of difficulties just like you.

Today I will tell you in full detail what is Keyword and why it is important, before you start let me tell you if you read this blog carefully then all your confusion related to this topic will be removed today.

For those who want to make their career in the world of internet, reading this post becomes very important because without it, your career will be incomplete.

So let us first know why it is needed, then let me tell you that it is impossible to get into any search engine without keyword.

What is a keyword?

Every time we type words to search in google or any other search engine to find out something, it is called Keyword.

For example: If you want to know what is the date of birth of Virat Kohli then you type in the search engine Virat Kohli date of birth then this is called keyword.

By now you must have understood a little bit about what a keyword is and after reading this post in its entirety you must have known everything.

When we search for a word, the result comes open in front of us on any internet platform, but do you know what it is according to search engine? You may already know a little bit but if you are thinking of becoming a blogger or youtuber then you need to have complete knowledge.

Whenever we do some search, we see the result because a lot of information is already stored in the database of Google or any other search engine, such as blog, news, video, images, etc.

Google now compares this query (keywords) with the information stored in the store and shows the result. Google robots can complete this process in just 2 to 3 seconds.

The keyword I have told you so far is the keyword, if you want to SEO your blog, website or youtube then it becomes very important for you to know. Because when a user searches for anything, the search engine shows the result according to the keywords typed by the user But do you know how it happens? How Google or any search engine brings the right website to the top position.

Google has already developed an algorithm to show the result, which it changes at regular intervals. According to Google’s algorithm, SEO is required to bring your post and website to the top position page. Keyword research is a must have for any blogger. If you use the keyword correctly in your post then your post is more likely to appear at the top in Google.

How to do keyword research and how to use it in your website or your blog, but before that you know how many types of keywords there are.

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Type of keywords(SEO)

There are three main types of keywords, which are used in blogs or any other type of website. I have explained the three types of keywords in detail below, which will give you complete information about the keyword and at the same time you will know which type of keyword you should use according to your blog or website. Easily rank a blog or website.

  • Short Tail Keyword
  • Middle Tail Keyword
  • Long Tail Keyword
  1. Short Tail Keyword
    The name of the short tail keyword shows that one or two words may be used in it but the user searches for only one word like – “mobile”. But the search volume of these keywords is very high so a lot Older websites or those with good domain authority target this type of keyword but there is a lot of competition on this type of keywords. If your blog and website are new then it would be better not to target these keywords.

    Advantages of Short tail keyword
    High volume
    High search
    High conversion rate
    Organic traffic (Un-paid traffic)

    disadvantages of short tail keyword
    High competition
    Low focus
    High cost on Google AdWord
    Low conversion rate

  2. Middle Tail Keyword
    Middle tail keywords use two or three words like “best smartphones”. The search volume and competition on these keywords is slightly less than the short tail keyword but if you have a good backlink of your blog or website and the domain authority of your blog is high, then you can target these keywords. If your blog ranks on these keywords then you can get more traffic.

  3. Long Tail Keyword
    More than 3 words are used in this type of keyword like – “What is keyword in hindi”, “best movie in hindi 2019”. But traffic on this type of keyword is not as high as on the middle tail keyword. That is why there is very little competition on these keywords. If your blog or website is new then in the beginning you should only target Long Tail Keyword. So that you will be able to rank your blog or website quickly.

How To Do Keyword Research

Before doing keyword research you should know what your topic is going to be. I mean on which topic you are going to write your content. Once you have decided what my topic is going to be then you can do keyword research through some tools. Here are some keyword research tools that are absolutely free

  • Keyword research
  • Google Trends
  • Keyword Shitter
  • Google Keyword Planner
  • SEO Keyword Permutation Generator
  • Answer the Public
  • Google Correlate
  • Keywords Everywhere
  • Wordtracker Scout
  • Google search console
  • Google

Be sure to pay attention to Keyword Density

If you are creating a blog or website then you must pay attention to the keyword density in your content. Your content should have 2 to 3 percent keywords so that your website can be easily ranked and also make sure that no more than 2 to 3 percent of the total number of words you are writing in your content. If so, it would be better because the algorithm of google or any other search engine, considering it as keyword stuffing, can lower your website in the search engine result page, then it would be better to follow the algorithm.

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How To Use Keywords in Your Blog

By now you must have known what a keyword is and how to do keyword research. Now you must be wondering how to use these keywords, how to rank your post or website in google, so now I will tell you how and where to use the keyword to make your website top position. To rank.

If you have chosen the wrong keyword and if you have used the right keyword incorrectly, you will not get any benefit from it, so read the post carefully and understand then use it correctly in your content so that you can rank your website. I will get a lot of help, so let us know again.

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How to use keywords

  • Make sure to add the keyword in the title of the post.
  • Don’t forget to add the keyword in the post’s meta description.
  • Use the keyword in the alt of the image used in the post.
  • Be sure to add the keyword in the 1st paragraph of the post.
  • Keep keyword density at 2-3%, that is, use the keyword 2-3 times per 100 words.
  • Don’t forget to use keyword in the heading of the post.
  • Be sure to use at least 3 headings in a 1500 word content