What is OTG? 10 Unique Benefits of Using OTG Cable

Hi Friends, do you know what is OTG? And how does it work in mobile? What is OTG ? & how to work in mobile device ?

Friends, as before, mobile is no longer just for talking and playing games and for entertainment. Now it has started doing various things like a computer and at the same time you can do many computer-like work on it very easily. That too by using OTG…

Friends, mobile is very small in appearance and operation as compared to computer and laptop. But, you can do many tasks in a simple way. So in today’s article we are going to know what is OTG? How OTG works and 10 benefits of using OTG, so let’s start knowing about them. First of all let’s talk about OTG.

What is OTG?

OTG whose full name is ‘On The Go’. We can use it to do many things. Friends, by using this, if we want, we can connect our mobile with Laptop, Keyboard and Mouse also. Also, you can make your mobile like a laptop and use it like that.

Here we will tell 10 such benefits of ‘OTG’, knowing that you will probably be sheltered, so let us start.

10 Best Benefits of OTG Uses, 10 Best Benefits of using OTG:

Friends, there are many benefits of using OTG. Nowadays especially by using it, people do work like computer and laptop in their mobile itself. For example, if you want to create a document or do any other work like Excel, Wordpad, Office etc., then you can easily do that work by using them.

Here I am telling you some of the best uses of OTG, you can read it from here. So let’s start knowing about its best uses.

10 Unique Benefits of Using OTG Cable

Connect Other Mobile with your mobile phone

If you want to connect any other mobile to your mobile then you can connect very easy way by using OTG USB and whatever work you want to do, you can easily access it from your mobile.

Use computer work in your mobile phone

You will be very surprised to know that friends, by using them, you can make your mobile phone like a computer and laptop and can also do all the work like a computer.

Use Print Out with Mobile phone

You must have seen or otherwise heard many times that to print out from mobile too. Yes, if for some reason your computer or laptop gets damaged, then you can also take a print out of any photo, document etc… through your Android mobile at that time. All you have to do for this is that your mobile should support otg and you should have usb cable available.

Transfer your all data with other phones

Many times suddenly it happens that your mobile phone is not working and you have many personal or important documents & files in it. If you do not want to lose them, then at that time you can transfer all files and data from those mobiles to other mobile phones using OTG USB cable.

Use Banking,SIM Card selling & Others work

Do you also do Banking, SIM Card Seller, Retailer or other work, then you may definitely need it. Because, anyway, you must know that now Banking and SIM Card Retailer and other work in which work is done only through Finger. That’s why Finger device also works on OTG. Using OTG, you can connect Finger Print USB device to your mobile and do banking and other work.

Connect internet connection with  your mobile phone by broadband

If your mobile does not have data pack to run internet but, you have broadband and you want to access internet from them. So you can run internet through Broadband in your mobile also by using OTG USB Cable.

Use Mouse features on your Mobile Device

This is very interesting information, you must have heard the name of mouse and perhaps you must be thinking in your mind that if it is used in mobile then how good it will be.

So don’t worry, now you can access your mobile using mouse also and you can run your android phone without touch in your mobile.

For this, you will also have to connect with your mobile phone through OTG USB Cable, after that you can use the mouse very easily and through the mouse you can use all the functions of the mobile.

10 Unique Benefits of Using OTG Cable

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Mobile Charge Features

You must have seen that sometimes it happens that your Mobile Charge is not there and you have come across an emergency, then OTG USB Cable proves to be very helpful for you at that time. If you want to charge from one mobile to another, then you can charge your other mobile by using OTG.

Connect with your Pen drive on mobile device

If you have pandrive and you want to see all the files of your pendrive in mobile or copy it, then you can also do this, for this you have to connect OTG USB cabel to your mobile, after that you can access all the files of pendrive. can do the work.

Use USB Fan Features on your mobile phones

If you are working at home or office, then you must have seen that many times it happens during summer time that suddenly there is a power cut or you do not have battery charge to run the fan, then at that time you can use OTG. Can run USB Fan. For this you have to buy a USB fan.

How to use OTG in Mobile?

It is very easy to use it, your mobile should be compatible for OTG to use it. If your mobile is very old then it will not have this feature.

Because this feature was not given in the old version, but now this feature is available in almost all Android phones. But, I would still like to recommend you that before buying any mobile, check whether it is compatible for OTG USB cable or not, then only buy it.

By the way, nowadays many people with OTG Support have come in the mobile market at very low prices, which you can buy for 4000-8000 as well. Click here to buy mobile with OTG support.

So we were talking about OTG usess, let’s know how to use it

How to enable OTG Support?

  1. First of all we go to the Seeting of our mobile and search for the options with “OTG” and enable it.
  2. Then now connect that OTG USB cable to your mobile. whom you want to connect.
  3. Now you can see that OTG in your mobile will be asking to give permission to connect USB, allow it.
  4. Now USB is connected with your mobile, now you can easily do whatever you have connected for work.